A report is a structured written document in which a specific issue is examined for the purpose of conveying information, in order to report findings, to answer a request, to put forward ideas and make recommendations or offer solutions.

An effective report is one that is written appropriate to its purpose and audience, accurate, logical; clear and concise; and is well organized into clear section headings. These sections enable readers to find and focus on specific pieces of information.


There are numerous types of reports that are widely used in business. These range from short informal or semi-formal reports to longer formal reports.

The format is determined by the purpose of the report, the amount of detail required, and the audience for whom it is intended.


A short report, also known as an informal or semiformal report, is an organized presentation of relevant data on any topic. It may indicate that:

  1. Work is being completed
  2. Schedules are being met
  3. Costs have been contained
  4. Sales projections are being met
  5. Unexpected problems have been solved

Types of Short Reports

The six most common types of short reports are:

  1. Periodic reports. Provide readers with information at regularly scheduled intervals.
  2. Sales reports. Provide businesses with financial and managerial information.
  3. Progress reports. Inform readers about the status of ongoing
  4. Travel reports. Document business trips and how they affect ongoing or future business.
  5. Incident reports. Outline unexpected events that interfere or threaten normal, safe business

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