Reproduce the following marker report in no-technical language.“Karachi April 22,2002 improved condition were obtainable in the Cotton Market. Yesterday and admits moderate scale trading future finished the day 45 paisa higher for the ruling May contact and 20 paisa dearer for the distant July delivery. The other factor which helped the market to stage sector and spot rates was also hundred to the extent of 60 paisa for all the staple verities”.

This is an extract from Karachi Exchange. The business condition is reported to be favorable on April 21, 2002. There was too much of activity and rise in price after all creating dull situation. A good deal of business was transacted tendency in the market and May delivery is expected to be 45 paisa higher whereas 20 paisa higher for July delivery.
At the close of the market, the price of Cotton was 60 paisa higher than the previous day. The future, however, is expected to be bright.

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