Reproduce the following marker report in no-technical language: “Karachi June 02,2002 Bearish conditions continued to be witnessed in the market. With the buying interest remained at low and the selling pressure continued to mount. However, as against last close the 4-F January,2002 hedge contract opened 15 paisa up at Rs.166.40 but on renewed Heavy liquidation it slumped down to Rs.161.25 at which level a bearish hella to be unforced”.

This is an extract from Karachi Stock Exchange both for future and ready delivery.
The declining tendency of prices continued to prevail the market. The speculators expected a fall in price. Buyers were least interested in doing any activity. Sellers, therefore, showed more and more interest in selling.
4-F January,2002 contract to cover up risks through a counter deal opened at Rs.166.40 i.e., 15 paisa than the rate at the end of the previous day.
Heavy selling activity further pulled down the price to Rs.161.25. this was the point when the market had to be postponed temporarily by declaring a Bearish Hella.

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