• Evaluating
    • Judging/evaluating – say what is right or wrong, good or bad, passes judgment
  • “That was stupid!” “That’s right!”


  • Advising/solving – shares advice/offers a solution


  • “If I were you I would…” “Why don’t you…”
  • Interpreting
    • Analyze, explain or teach the sender about the cause
    • “She probably did this because…”
  • Supporting
    • Reassure, pacify or comfort
    • “If there is any way I can help…”
  • Questioning
    • Probes, clarifies, inquires or seeks more info
    • “What makes you think that?” “Where were you?”
    • Open questions – require more than a yes or no answer
    • Closed questions – can be answered with yes or no
  • Paraphrasing
    • Summarizes, restates or reflects
    • Restating in your own words what you think the speaker meant
    • “So what you are saying is…” “You mean you’re feeling…”

Using Response Styles

  • 80% of your feedback will use 1 of 5 styles
  • Evaluating : Doesn’t help unless sender asks for advice
  • Interpreting: Works best when your intention is to offer insight into the problem’s cause
  • Supporting: Works best when the sender has determined the problem and needs encouragement
  • Questioning: When your need for additional info is genuine
  • Paraphrasing: This reveals a desire to understand the sender’s thoughts and feelings

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