Reward Management

Reward Management, Pdf notes, Past Papers,Syllabus

CHRP 14 Reward Management


The course unit covers remuneration package; reward policy; job evaluation and pay structures, benefits; salary administration; relevant labour legislation guidelines; and emerging issues and trends

General Objective

To equip the learners with knowledge for ensuring effective performance management of performance and reward management in an management organization.

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of this unit the learner will be able to

  1. Demonstrate ability to manage employee performance in organisations.
  2. Identify factors influencing remunerations
  3. Demonstrate ability to undertake a job evaluation.
  4. Develop a wage and remuneration structures.

Performance Management

  • Meaning and scope of Performance
  • Factors influencing performance Management process systems
  • Performance appraisal
  • Challenges of performance management

Reward Policy

  • Reward of the policy organization
  • Content of Reward policy statement
  • Reward Management

Job Evaluation

  • Meaning and scope of Job Evaluation
  • Purpose of Job Evaluation
  • Methods of Job Evaluation
  • Factors to consider when selecting appropriate method
  • Implementation of Job Evaluation results

Salary Survey

  • Purpose and scope of salary survey
  • Techniques of salary survey
  • Meaning of competitive market rates
  • Techniques of determining competitive market rates

Remuneration Package

  • Meaning and scope
  • General and individual salary reviews
  • Determining salary levels on joining or promotion
  • Instituting salary control

Performance Related Pay

  • Meaning
  • Importance
  • Types of performance related pay

Wage Payment Systems

  • Factors affecting wage rates
  • Approaches to job evaluation for unionsable positions
  • Criteria for revising individual and group wage payments
  • Monitoring the working of wage system


  • Types of benefits
  • Total reward package
  • Merits and demerits

Legal Framework Guiding Performance and Reward Management

  • The Constitution
  • NSSF Act
  • NHIF Act
  • Work Injury Benefits Act 2007
  • Employment Act 2007

Emerging Issues and Trends

  • Emerging issues in reward management
  • Emerging trends in reward management

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