Risks to data are relevant to manual as well as computerised systems. With computerized systems however”, the risks are greater, because data are held on magnetic files and cannot be seen or read the human eye. What risks are particularly relevant to data storage on a magnetic medium?

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Magnetic medium
This refers to a secondary storage medium that utilizes magnetism to store data. Examples include magnetic disks (hard disks and floppy disks) and magnetic tapes.

Risks to data storage on a magnetic medium:
1. Strong magnetic fields- these could destroy the data on the medium altering the magnetic patterns on the media

2. Intense heat- this alters the magnetic patterns on the media thus destroying the data represented those magnetic patterns.
3. Dust- this results in hard disk crashes and also may render floppy disks unreadable. A disk crash is a situation that arises when dust particles come into the space between a read- write head of a hard disk and the disk plate. Disk crashes render a hard disk unusable thus resulting in loss of stored data.
4. Theft- since magnetic media are portable, they are liable to theft. Stealing a magnetic medium device is as good as stealing the data it contains since the data stored can be accessed after the device has been installed on another terminal.

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