Business studies study module

These are large rooms where goods are displayed, especially bulky and durable goods like cars, furniture’s, etc for the customer to see and be informed about them to stimulate their interest in them

The room allows the customer to get more information about the product from the sales person in the showroom

Advantages of showrooms

  • They enables the seller to get immediate feed back on the product
  • They enable the customers to get clarification on the product they need to purchase
  • It is a cheap method of production
  • It provides an opportunity for the usage of goods to be demonstrated
  • The information the prospective customer get from the show room is more reliable

Disadvantages of showrooms

  • They are usually located away from the town centers, making them not be accessible by many
  • It is expensive to hire showrooms
  • They require security to protect the goods inside them which may be very expensive
  • Some prospective customers may tamper with goods in the room while trying to operate them

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