Shows, trade fairs and exhibitions

This is where the manufacturer of a given product gets a chance to display publicly to the prospective customer to inform them about the product. The prospective customers’ attention is then drawn to the product and more information is given to him about the product at the point where it is displayed.

Advantages of shows, trade fair and exhibitions

  • It gives the customer an opportunity to compare various products before making a decision on what to buy
  • It gives the sales person an opportunity to explain in fine details the features of the product to the prospective customers
  • The manufacturers of the product gets a chance to receive immediate feed back from their customers through interactions during the shows
  • The number of people visiting their stall to asses their products will help them determine their potential market size for the product

Disadvantages of shows, trade fairs and exhibitions

  • It is expensive to hire a stall for the exhibition of the product
  • The sales person may have to explain over and over again for the prospective customers as they may not enter into the stall at the same time
  • The trade fairs are not frequently organized, therefore an organization rely on it as the only means of product promotion may not succeed

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