State and explain the contents of the memorandum of association

Name clause: describes the name of the company with “Limited” or “Ltd” as the last word thereof for companies Limited by shares or guarantee.
• Registered office clause: states that the registered office of the company will be situate in Kenya.
• Objects clause: sets out the purposes for which the company is incorporated. It describes the contractual capacity of the company. It delimits the companies contractual capacity.
• Capital clause: specifies the capital with which the company proposes to be registered and the divisions thereof.
• Liability clause: states whether members liability is limited or unlimited and whether limited by shares or guarantee.
• Association or declaration clause: states the desire of the subscribers to be formed to a company.
• Particulars of subscribes: name of the subscribers postal addresses, occupation, number of shares taken.
• Date: a memorandum must be dated.

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