State the advantages and disadvantages of verbal communication Advantages

Business studies study module


  1. A large number of people can receive the information at once for example when addressing in a meeting.
  2. There is immediate feedback
  3. Clarification can be made easily and immediately
  4. This is personal appeal
  5. It can be very convenient and persuasive
  6. It is fast since the intended information reaches the recipient immediately.


  1. It is not easy to know if the message or information has been received particularly if the receivers are many
  2. It is prone to outside interference due to noise and other forms of disruptions
  3. In case of incorrect pronunciation of words, there could be distortion of the information
  4. There is no record for future reference.
  5. The method is not effective for recipients with learning problems.
  6. Can take a lot of time to pass intended information.

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