State the duties of an Auditor of a company.

 Duties of an auditor
To acquaint himself with his duties under the Companies Act and the Articles of Association of the Company who books he is called upon to audit Inre ThomasGerald & Sons Ltd.
 To examine the accounts, books, vouchers, etc. Inre Republic of BoliviaExploration Syndicate Ltd.
 To make a report for submission to members in general meeting.
 To be honest Fomento V. Selsdon Fountain Pen Ltd.
 To exercise care, skill and caution. Inre Kingston Cotton Mills Ltd.
 To satisfy himself that the company‟s securities exist are in safe custody. Inre CityEquitable Fire Insurance Co Ltd.

To provide professional advice if called upon to do so Inre London and GeneralBank Ltd
 Approach his task with an inquiring mind.

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