Suggest three types of decisions that electronic point of sale system can support indicating sales information required to support each decision.

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Electronic point of sale system
This is basically an electronic cash register that is linked to a computer, or that records data onto cassette or cartridge. In its simplest form, the electronic point of sale system may simply transmit details of a transaction to the computer for processing. The more complex terminals can communicate with the computer for such purposes as checking the credit position of a customer, obtaining prices from file and ascertaining availability of stock.

Types of decisions supported:

1. Granting or denying purchase of goods a customer.
2. Reordering of stock when levels are low.
3. Awarding discounts on purchases.

Information required to support decisions:

1. A customer‘s outstanding balance may determine whether the customer is denied or granted purchase.
2. Stock levels will determine the reordering of stock.
3. To award a discount on a purchase, the gross value of the sale and the discount rate are required in addition to the minimum value of sales that qualifies for a discount.

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