Labour Laws

Before any termination a notice should be offered depending on the policy of the organization. an employee who does not understand the notice shall be explained the whole notice to him orally, in a language the employee understands. Each and every employee is entitled to lawful and fair termination.

a) Expiry of contract

A contract is terminated when the period expressed in it expires, if the employee is engaged on a journey, the employer may extend the period of service for a sufficient period, which shall not exceed one month, to enable the employee to complete the journey.

b) Termination on account of redundancy

An employer shall not terminate a contract of service on account of redundancy unless the employer complies with the following conditions;

  • Where the employee is a member of a trade union, the employer notifies the union and the labour officer in charge of the area of the reasons for, and the extent of, the intended redundancy not less than a month prior to the date of the intended date of termination.
  • Where the employee is not a member of a trade union, the employer notifies the employee personally in writing and labour officer.
  • The employer has to pay off in cash any leave due to an employee who is declared redundant.

c) Termination on grounds of misconduct

An employer shall before terminating the employment of an employee, on grounds of misconduct, poor performance or physical incapability explain to the employee, in a language the employee understands, the reason for termination in presence of another employee or a union representative of his own. Before terminating the employment of an employee or summarily dismissing an employee, an employer shall hear and consider any representation which the employee and the person chosen but the employee may make on grounds of misconduct or poor performance.

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