The accounting department of a medium sized business organisation for which you work wishes to purchase’ microcomputers to support its functions. You have been asked to draft a document that outlines the hardware and software specifications for the proposed project. What would your draft contain?

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The document that needs to be prepared is an invitation to tender document.

Invitation to Tender (ITT)
This refers to a document issued to a range of suppliers. It sets out the specifications for the required equipment and software and it should explore how the hardware will be used and the time and scale. The also sets out the performance criteria for the required system.

Contents of ITT:
An ITT document usually contains background information together with and indication of the purpose of the system. This includes:
1. The volume of data to be processed the system. The complexity of the system requirements and the system interfaces should be stated.
2. The number of individuals who will want to access the computer system after installation and whether access needs to be instant or not.
3. The speed of the hardware processing required or expected.
4. Input and output systems desired.
5. The type of processing methods preferred.
6. Estimated life of the computerized system.
7. Possible upgrades or expansions anticipated.
8. Other general considerations include:
o Contact person in the company
o Overall financial constraints
o The form that submission is to take.
o Closing date for submission of tender.
o The address to which the tender is to be sent.
o The reference person to which the tender is to be addressed.
9. The business organization could also specify how it intends to acquire the hardware and software. Available options include:
o Purchasing
o Leasing
o Renting

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