The company for which you work is currently facing financial crisis. The financial controller has proposed that the company should seek for alternative sources of software. One of the options available is that of freeware from the Internet and magazine vendors. As the organisation’s information technology manager, advise on the implications of adopting this proposal.

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a) Freeware
This refers to freely available software which can be acquired from the sources listed i.e. the Internet, magazine vendors, etc

Implications of using freeware:

1. Cost savings –Because the software is free
2. Compromised software quality
Almost all freeware is offered only for the purpose of evaluation. This contains many uncovered errors by adopting such freeware an organization compromises in the quality of its systems.

3. No systems maintenance offered by the software creators or distributors. Since freeware is free, the creators or distributors have no obligation to provide maintenance. The organization acquiring freeware would thus have to perform its own maintenance. This may be costly.
4. Compromised system quality

Freeware is usually an avenue for the propagation of viruses thus it compromises system security.
5. Poor software documentation
Freeware is not issued with hardcopy documentation. The softcopy documentation available with freeware is usually sketchy or incomplete.

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