The Company has sent semi-finished goods to third parties for further processing, which is laying with them at the end of the year. Comment?

Auditing and Assurance Revision Questions and Answers

Semi-finished goods being composite part of the inventories, normally, constitute significant item in case of any entity. It is the duty of the auditor to ensure that entire inventories which are owned by the enterprise exist on that date and valuation thereof is also proper. Since the semi-finished goods belong to the company, it is necessary to ensure that the same have been included for in valuation of inventories. The auditor should also obtain direct confirmation about the quantity of inventories lying with the processors at the end of the year. Also, the auditor should see that the valuation has been made properly

with reference to the stage of completion in respect of work-in-process inclusive of expenses incurred in sending the goods for processing. In case, the amount happens to be material, such stock may be disclosed separately as stocks with processors.

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