The company you work for intends to computerize its payroll application. Explain the functional capabilities that the system should have for it to serve the intended purpose.

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 Functional requirements required
(i) User requirements – the system should be able to meet the need of the firm and its users as closely as possible.
(ii) Processing time – it should have a short response time. A faster system will be very appropriate.
(iii) User friendliness – the system should be easy to use with clear on screen prompts menu driven and extensive on screen help facilities.
(iv) Controls – the system should have in built controls which may include passwords, validation checks, audit trails etc to boost information and data integrity.
(v) Flexibility – the system should allow for future modification in case of requirement changing.
(vi) Compatibility – the system should be compatible with other system to allow simulations with user systems
(vii) Portability – the software should be able to run on the firms different machines.

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