“The implementation part of a system is more difficult than its development”, justify the statement.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The statement is true that the implementation part of any system is more difficult than its development because the development part is merely a technical job. The development process can be accomplished with perfection if the staked holders involved clearly know their duties and responsibility and if they can solve the programming and mathematical hassles. Where as the system implementation embraces of various fields, various steps and moreover it involve the rigid human factor. Here is the few points which brings difficulties while implementing any system
• System implementation needs the resources (hardware), which should meet all the technical requirements.
• The developed system should be error free. To make the system error free it should be tested in the real case.
• The existing user become already used to with manual system or previously used system. So they resist migrating to new system.

• High dependency of the system with other technical factor like power, engineers or technical managers etc.
• Problems faced for long period in case of any system bug

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