The responsibilities of a good listener OR factors to be considered before starting listening


There are following responsibilities of good listeners;


1.   Preparation for listening:-

A listener should prepare himself to listen. This preparation includes following point:

  • No talking:- A listener must not talk when he is going to listen otherwise, the idea may not be received or it may be interrupted.
  • Avoiding distraction:- The listener should not distract his attention from the speaker to some other object. Shuffling papers or doing any other thing may disturb the person of receiving ideas.
  • Good environmental condition: – The listeners should arrange a suitable condition before listening. Noise of traffic, poor ventilation, extraordinary warmness or coldness and many other such things cause problems in listening.

2.   Concentration on message:-

A listener is required to concentrate on verbal and non-verbal message. For having good concentration, following points are to be considered:

  • Controlling emotion and feelings:- Sometimes it happens that speaker’s words hurt the feelings of listeners. In this situation the listeners should control his/her emotion and feeling because if he loses temperament, he cannot get the message.
  • Avoiding evaluation:- The listener should concentrate only on listening and avoid jumping to conclusion or evaluating the message.
  • Showing interest:- The listener should show his interest to the topic so that the speaker can be motivated to convey his ideas in a better way.

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