The Role of Procurement Auditees

Procurement and Audit notes revision

The procurement entity (organization), procurement staffs and other individuals involved in procurement transactions and are in compliant with applicable national laws on procurement audit being audited are collectively called the procurement auditee. The following are the roles of procurement auditees:
• Hire or appoint procurement internal and external auditor or otherwise arrange for the procurement audit in accordance with procurement audit laws.
• Inform relevant procurement staff about the objectives and scope of the procurement audit to ensure an effective and efficient procurement audit process.
• Prepare appropriate procurement records, financial statements, including the schedule of expenditures of contract awards.
• Appoint responsible members of staff to meet with members of the procurement audit team

• Provide the procurement auditor with access to; procurement records, procurement personnel, procurement and contract files, accounting and financial documents, books, supporting documentation, and other information as needed for the procurement auditor to perform the procurement audit effective and efficiently.
• Provide all other resources needed for the procurement audit team in order to ensure an effective and efficient audit process
• Provide access to the facilities and evidential material as requested by the procurement auditors
• Co-operate with the procurement auditors to permit the procurement audit objectives to be achieved
• Determine and initiate corrective actions based on the procurement audit report

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