Trade secrets


It’s a protection against others disclosing the information that could be damaging to the business. Employees involved in working with ideas of processes may be asked to sign a confidential information agreement that will protect them against giving out the trade secrets.

To control the problem of disclosure of trade secrets by employee, an entrepreneur should do the following:-

  • Train employees to refer sensitive questions to one person within the enterprise
  • Provide escort to all office visitors
  • Avoid discussing business in public places
  • Keep important travel plans a secret
  • Control information that may be presented by employees at conferences or in journals
  • Use simple security e.g. lock file, cabinets, paper shredders where necessary
  • Avoid faxing sensitive information
  • Have employees and consultants sign non disclosure agreements
  • Mark documents confidentiality when needed
  • Make it clear to the employees that legal action can be taken if business secrets are revealed by employees.

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