User friendliness is one of the key and desirable features that form a basis for evaluating competing software packages. Required: Name and describe three features of a user friendly software.

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User friendly software
This refers to software that the user finds helpful, easy to learn and easy to use.

Features of user friendly software:

1. It should be relatively easy for the user to start using the software.
2. The software should be as much as possible self-contained so that the user is not forced into accessing manuals or dealing with things that should be kept outside the system.
3. The amount of effort and information required of the user to get the system to complete required tasks should be kept to a minimum.
4. The user should be able to adjust to different levels of expertise between users, as users grow in competence.
5. The use should be made to feel in control of what is going on.
6. The software should behave in a logical and consistent manner, enabling the user to reason about what is going on and apply what has been learned.

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