Visual Communication

Business studies study module

This is the process of passing information by use of diagrams, drawings pictures, signs, and gestures e.t.c

  1. Photographs

A photograph is an image (visual representation of an object as it appeared at the time when the photograph was taken

Photographs are self-explanatory and may not be accompanied by any narration or explanation. The recipient is able to get the message at a glance.

b) Signs

Refer to marks, symbols, drawings or gestures whose purpose is to inform the public about such things as directions, distances, dangers and ideas.

Examples; road signs, traffic lights and danger signs on electricity poles

This means of communication can only be effective if the meaning of the sign used is understood.

Graphs; These are used to show and illustrate statistical information

Charts; These are diagrams which show or illustrate the flow of an idea e.g. an organization chart illustrates the whole organization structure indicating the chain of command

Advantages of visual communication

  1. It can be used to pass confidential information

The information may be obtained at once

Disadvantages of visual communication

  1. Can only be used by people who can see
  2. The information may be wrongly interpreted
  3. It may be an expensive method of communication
  4. Cannot be used for long distances


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