Warehousing Operations and Stock Control notes

Topic 1: Introduction of Warehousing

  • Meaning to Warehousing
  • Role of warehouse
  • Warehousing Organisation
  • Types of warehouses
  • Factors in setting warehouses
  • Relationships between warehousing department and other departments

Topic 2: Receiving and Issuing Goods

  • Meaning Receiving and Issuing Goods
  • Factors to consider in receiving goods
  • Preparation for receiving goods
  • Receiving and inspection process
  • Sources of materials requisition
  • Procedure followed in issuing goods
  • Method of issuing good

Topic 3: Classification and Coding of Materials

  • Meaning of terms
  • Importance of classification and coding of materials
  • Criteria of classification of materials
  • Materials classification
  • Types of symbols used to code materials
  • Factors to consider in coding materials
  • Methods and bases of coding materials
  • Features of a good coding system

Topic 4: Stock Location

  • Meaning of Stock Location
  • Purpose of stock location
  • Factors to consider in selecting stock location
  • Methods of stock location
  • Procedure for locating materials in a warehouse

Topic 5: Stores Layout

  • Meaning of Stores Layout
  • Factors considered in selecting stores layout
  • Types of stores layout
  • Features of a good stores layout

Topic 6: Materials Preservation

  • Meaning of Material Preservation
  • Importance of materials preservation
  • Factors considered in selecting materials preservation method
  • Methods used in preserving materials

Topic 7: Packaging

  • Meaning of packaging
  • Purpose of packaging materials
  • Factors to consider in selecting and packaging for materials
  • Types of packages

Topic 8: Materials Handlings

  • Meaning of Material Handling
  • Objectives of materials handling
  • Factors to consider in selecting materials handling equipment
  • Materials handling methods
  • Principles to be observed when handling materials
  • Types of materials handling equipment

Topic 9: Inventory Management/Stock Control

  • Meaning of Stock Control
  • Reasons for holding stock
  • Importance of stock control
  • Factors to consider in selecting in stock control methods Stock control methods

Topic 10: Stock Recording

  • Meaning of Stock Recording
  • Importance of stock recording
  • Factors to consider in selecting stock recording methods to use
  • Stock recording methods
  • Types of stock records
  • Ways of maintaining stores records

Topic 11: Stock Taking

  • Meaning of Stock taking
  • Reasons for conducting stock taking
  • Importance of stock taking
  • Factors to consider in conducting stock taking exercise
  • Methods of stock taking
  • Procedure for stock taking
  • Preparation for stock taking
  • Approaches to stock taking

Topic 12: Safety and Security

  • Meaning of Safety and Security
  • Importance of Safety and Security
  • Factors to consider in relation to safety and security of stock and store

Topic 13: Emerging Issues and Trends

  • Emerging issues and trends in warehousing operations and stock control
  • Challenges posed by emerging issues and trends in warehousing operations and stock control
  • Coping with challenges posed by emerging issues and trends in warehousing operations and stock control

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