What are CASE tools? Describe in depth the categories of CASE tools with examples/figures.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

CASE tools are automated software tools. CASE stands for ‗Computer Aided Software Engineering‘. Software Engineering is concerned with creation of software systems. Software systems are produced by teams of people using sound engineering principles. They use computing techniques and the aim is to produce automated tools to solve specific problems of users in the domain of their function such as finance, production, sales, etc. and also develop and produce software for such applications. There are three categories of CASE tools:

i) Tools that support individual process tasks such as checking the consistency of a design, completing a program, comparing test results and so on.
ii) Work benches to support process phases such as specification, design, etc. They consist of set of tools with variable degrees of integration.
iii) Environment support for all or part of software process. Includes several different work benches, which are integrated in some way.

Figure 1: Tools, workbenches and environments.

The table given below lists a number of different types of CASE tools and gives specific examples of each tool.

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