What are the advantages of acquiring a pre-written application (off-the-self) package?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The advantages of acquiring the pre-written application packages can be summarized as:
Rapid Implementation: The application packages are readily available to implement after they are purchased, whereas the in-house development process will take few months for the development. Low Risk: Since the application package is available in the finished form, the organizations know what it is going to get for the price it has paid. With in-house developed software, the long development time breeds uncertainty with regard to both quality of the final product and its final cost.
Quality: The firms engaged in application package developments are typically specialist in their products niche area. They have huge experiences in the development of specialize software so getting pre-written software from the expert will be a quality product.
Cost: As the vendor sells same or similar application to many clients, the cost of the product decreases. Thus, a prewritten application package generally cost less than that of in-house developed software.

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