What are the challenges and opportunities associated with the information technology?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Information technology brings lots of opportunities for the modern business from the prospects of the optimization of resources, communication and decision-making. However it is not free of severe challenges during the process of deployment and operations. Some of the challenges that Information Technology encounters during the process of implementation and operation can be listed as:
• As the new technology it needs to have the trained manpower for the operation and maintenance
• People expect it as the complete solution and they fully rely on IT as the solution to their problem. They couldn‘t think that it is just a tool to make the analysis and its us human beings who need to make the decision with its help.
• Unclear government rules and regulations about the legalities and securities of the data and electronics transactions.
• High investment cost on infrastructures, data migration and trainings.
• Employees‘ reluctances to migrate from their manual working procedures to the computerized procedures.
Similarly the opportunities that Information Technology brings in the modern business can be listed as:
• It provides the relevant information on click, which help in overall operation, managerial activities and formulation strategy of the organization.
• It can reduce the number of working staff.
• Provides the quick means of communications among all the personnel located in different places.
• Although the initial investment would be higher however operation cost is lower which ultimately lead to return on the overall investment.
• Provides easy and quick access to the huge amount of data for future references and analysis.

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