What are the components of DSS? Explain them in brief.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

There are four basic components of DSS and they are as follows:
i) The user: The user of DSS is generally the manager with an unstructured or semi-structured problem to solve. The user of DSS can be at any level of authority and generally he/she does not require computer background to use a DSS system for problem solution.
ii) Databases: DSS includes one or more databases. These databases contain routine as well as non-routine data from both external and internal sources.
iii) Planning languages: Two types of planning languages are commonly used. They are: (i) general purpose planning languages that are used for performing many routine tasks like statistical analysis of data, retrieval of data etc. This language applies to broad area. (ii) Special purpose planning languages are limited in what they can do, but they usually do certain jobs better than the General-purpose planning languages.

iv) Model Base: Model base is the center of DSS that performs data manipulations and computations with the data provided the user. There are various types of model like mathematical model, statistical model etc.

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