What are the contents of the memorandum of association as stated in the Companies Act?

Under the provisions of the Companies Act Cap 486, the contents of the memorandum of association are:
• Name of the Company with “Limited” or “Ltd” as the last word thereof for companies limited by shares or guarantee.
• Registered office clause: the registered office of the company will be situate in Kenya.
• Objects of the company: purposes for which the company is incorporated.
• Liability clause: the liability of members is limited or unlimited and if limited, whether by shares or guarantee.
• Capital clause: the capital with which the company proposes to be registered and the divisions thereof.
• Association of declaration clause: the desires of the subscribers to be incorporated.
• Particulars of subscribers: Name, postal address and occupation of subscribers.Number of shares taken.
• Date: under section 6 (1) of the Companies Act, a memorandum must be dated.

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