What are the different kinds of leadership?

Leader id the one who makes things smoothly in a desired direction. The function may move from appointed leader to groups’ members each contributing ideas in flounce the meeting.
Leadership may be of various kinds:
a) Authoritarian leadership
b) Democratic leadership.
c) Not- leaders or leaderless.
It is autocratic in nature. That’s leader suggestions must be accepted commands must be carried out. The leader has contempt for disgruntled participants and dominates the thinking of the group. He even manipulates others to his/her advantage. He/she accepts those who praise him/her and resents those who disagree. He keeps people under tight control and is self seeker and self lover.
It is opposed to authoritarian control. He/she to hear people are accommodate their views. He/she shares views with people. He gives concession and strengthens organization by participation and co- operation. He makes people feel that it is a group decision and carries weight or consolidates results. People under command feel happy that it is their own decision.
3. Withdrawn LEADER
It is the word type of leadership. He gives up Leadership in favour of group. He believes in shared wisdom rather. He has no power to lead. He is just in and continuous to exist. He has little direction and control. He depends on others. It is at best trying to survive marginally.
Naturally, authoritarian is not a very happy choice but it exists in real life.
Democratic Leadership is the only way to satisfy many of the participants and accommodative in nature. The last one, i.e. not-leader of leaderless is undesirable and nor a popular practice.
Hence the most desirable is Democrat Leadership and; accepted by all Autocratic Leadership is found in commanding position more practically in authority inborn areas where so called discipline is everything.

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