What are the disadvantages of Prototyping?

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The following are the disadvantages of Prototyping

i. Prototyping can only be successful if the system users are willing to devote significant time in experimenting with the prototype and provide the system developers with useful change suggestions.

ii. The interactive process of prototyping requires prototype to be experimented extensively. Due to this reason, system developers are frequently tempted to minimize the testing and document the process of the final system. Inadequate testing can make the approved system error-prone and inadequate documentation makes this system difficult to maintain.

iii. Prototyping may cause behavioral problems with system users. These problems include dissatisfied users if the system developers are unable to meet all demands of the users for improvements and also dissatisfaction and impatience users for going through the several iterations of the prototype evaluation.

iv. This approach often leads to addition of functions or extras eventually making it functionally rich but inefficient.

v. A potential risk is that the finished system will have poor controls due too much focus on what the users want and what the users see. System developers may miss some of the controls that come out of the traditional system development approach.

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