What are the factors that contribute the vulnerability of the information system?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

An information system is the integrated form of data, user, communication lines, software application packages, data base and hardware for storing and executions. This shows that a system a nice piece of statue made of delicate jewels. So in every points and interface there are chances of unauthorized entry, execution of malicious programs, data stealing and destroying. Besides that there are also physical challenges in every step, like power outage, physical devastations and disruptions of the services at any points. Other thing is that the each part of the system will be operated by human, which is also very vulnerable factor
Thus the factors which contribute to the vulnerability of the information system can be summarized point wise as:
a. Point of interconnections of the system
b. Unauthorized entry to the system
c. Passing of data from one point to another point
d. Failure and outage of the power to the hardware
e. Numerous user of a single system
f. Students tendency to intrude other system as a hobby and fun
g. Human resources turn over
h. Connection of the system to the internet

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