What are the functions, duties and power of the controller as per Electronic Transactions Act, 2063?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Functions, duties and powers of the controller:
The functions, duties and powers of the controller shall be as follows:-
1. To issue a license to the certifying Authority,
2. To exercise the supervision and monitoring over the activities of Certifying Authority,
3. To fix the standards to be maintained by certifying authority with respect to the verification of digital signature,
4. To specify the conditions to be complied with by the certifying authority in operating his/her business,
5. To specify the format of the certificate and contents to be included therein,
6. To specify the procedures to be followed by the certifying authority while conducting his/her dealings with the subscribers,
7. To maintain a record of information disclosed by the certifying authority under this act and to make provision of computer database accessible to public and to update such database,
8. To perform such other functions as prescribed.

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