What are the legal restrictions imposed on the choice of a name of a proposed company?

• Must not be too similar to that of an existing company.
• Must not in the opinion of the registrar be undesirable.
• Must not mislead the public in any manner.
• Must not suggest any patronage of the government, president, department or ministry.
• Must not support a criminal or immoral intent or purpose.
• Must contain the word Limited or Ltd as the last word thereof.
• Must not contain the term co-operative or its equivalent or any abbreviation thereof.
• Must not generally contain the terms “national” or “international.”
• Must not contain the terms “bank,” “insurance” or “hotel” unless the company
proposes to carry on such business.
• Must not contain the surname of a person who is not named or proposed directory of the company.
• Must not contain the registered trademark of any person without his written consent.

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