What are the main differences between spiral model and waterfall model of system development?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The major differences between the spiral model and waterfall model of system development are as follows:

SN Spiral Model Waterfall Model
1 Based on the concept of enhancement of

the initial prototype in a repetitive process.

Based on a well-structured, sequential flow

of    steps    from    beginning    to       end. Relatively rigid structure.

2 Can handle errors and bugs more easily

since the prototype is evaluated after each cycle.

Difficult because the development has to

go back to the beginning if a error or bug needs to be rectified.

3 Process is iterative and repetitive Process is based on a sequential flow where

a    step    is    started   only    after      the preceding step ends.

4 Easier to accommodate sudden changes in

the requirements.

Difficult    to    incorporate    such    sudden

changes in the requirement.

5 Suitable for complex projects which may need changes in the middle of the

development process.

Suitable for large projects with large development teams.


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