What are the main limitations of MIS?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The quality of the outputs of MIS is basically governed by the quality of inputs and process.
i. MIS is not a substitute for effective management. It can not replace managerial judgment in making decisions in different functional areas. It is merely an important tool in the hands of executives for decision making and problem solving.
ii. MIS may not have requisite flexibility to quickly update itself with the changing needs of time, especially in the fast changing and complex environment.
iii. MIS cannot provide tailor made information packages suitable for the purpose of every type of decision made by executives.

iv. MIS takes into account mainly quantitative factors, thus it ignores the non-quantitative factors like morale and attitude of members of the organizations, which have an important bearing on the executive decision making process.
v. MIS is less useful for making non-programmed decisions. Such types of decisions are not of routine type and thus require information, which may not be available from existing MIS to executives.
vi. The effectiveness of MIS is reduced in organizations, where the culture of hoarding information and not sharing with others exists.
vii. MIS effectiveness decreases due to frequent changes in top management, organizational structure and operational team.

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