What are the major constraints in operating a MIS?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers


The following are the major constraints in operating a MIS:
(1) Non-availability of experts, who can diagnose the objectives of the organisation and provide a desired direction for installing and operating system. This problem may be overcome grooming internal staff, which should be preceded proper selection and training.
(2) Experts usually face the problem of selecting the sub-system of MIS to be installed and operated upon. The criteria may be the need and importance of a function for which MIS can be installed first.
(3) Due to varied objectives of business concerns, the approach adopted experts for designing and implementing M.I.S. is a non-standardized one.

(4) Non-availability of cooperation from staff is a crucial problem. By organising lecturers, showing films and explaining the utility of the system, they can be educated. Some persons can be involved in the development and implementation of the system.
(5) There is high turnover of experts. It can be reduced creating better working conditions.
(6) Difficulty in quantifying the benefits of MIS so that it is comparable with cost.

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