What are the matters to be audited in view of propriety as per Audit Act, 2048 as amended in 2075?

Auditing and Assurance Revision Questions and Answers

Section 5 of the Audit Act 2048 (As amended in 2075) states that; the Auditor General shall audit following matters considering the propriety thereof:

(i) On the propriety of any expenditure and its authorization, if in the opinion of the Auditor General such expenditure is a reckless one or is an abuse of national property, whether fixed or current, despite that the expenditure conforms to the authorization, and

(ii) On the propriety of all authorizations issued in respect of any grant of national property whether fixed or current, or underwriting of any revenue, or any contract, license or permits relating to mining, forest, water resources, etc. and any other act of abandoning fixed or current assets of the nation.
Though the Auditor General may not include in his report minor items of discrepancy and other items deemed him as insignificant in view of their propriety which were observed during the audit of income and expenditures.

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