What are the potential threats to the information system? How can you prevent computer system from frauds?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The chances of removing, altering, destroying and stealing the valuable data and information and computer system can be termed as the potential threat to the information system. There is mainly two types of threats to the information system. They are:
• Internal Threats and
• External Threats.
Internal Threats:
The internal threats to the business are own staffs. For the business the internal threats are more dangerous than the external threats. Some common ways to carry out the computer frauds by internal threats are during input by altering the data. Another would be committed through unauthorized system use including the theft of computer time and services. People Use official computer resources for the personal browsing of internet. Internal threats also do exist with the changing/damaging of organizational data.
External Threats:
The intruders to the network and computer system are the external threats through the information system to the business. Some of the external threats are:
• Removal of information
• Destruction of system integrity
• Interference with web pages
• Transmission of viruses by email
• Interception of email
• Interception of electronic payments
Here are some methods which can be adapted to prevent from computer fraud
• Use proper hiring and firing practices
• Manage disgruntled employees
• Train employees in security and fraud prevention measures
• Develop strong system of internal controls
• Restrict access to computer equipment and data files
• Encrypt data and programs
• Protect system from viruses

• Control sensitive data
• Conduct frequent audit of the system
• Use a system security mechanism
• Monitor system activities
• Implement system security tools such as firewall, antivirus etc.

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