What are the salient duties and powers of the Chairman of a general meeting of a company? Illustrate your answer with reference to decided cases.

Satisfy himself that the meeting is duly constituted.
 Inform himself the business of the meeting.
 Satisfy himself that a quorum of members is present.
 Call the meeting to order.
 Frame issues for debate or discussion.
 Make decisions on points of order.
Ensure that the sense of the meeting is kept and/ maintained by putting relevant questions.
 Maintain order in the conduct of those present at the meeting.
 Ensure that minutes of the meeting are taken.
 Conduct voting and declare results.

National Dwellings Society v Sykes Powers
To adjourn the meeting at any time with consent of the members.

To stop discussion of any matter after reasonable debate.
 To demand voting by poll.
 Close the meeting after its business is accomplished or in the event of disorder.
 Determine who to speak and for how long.
 To declare results of any voting.
 To cast a vote or a second vote in the event of a tie.

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