What are the steps involved in the implementation of an ERP package?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Steps of ERP Implementation:
These steps are given as follows:
(i) Identifying the needs for implementing an ERP package.
(ii) Evaluating the ―As Is‖ situation of the business i.e. to understand the strength and weakness
prevailing under the existing circumstances.
(iii) Deciding the ‗would be‘ situation for the business i.e. the changes expected after the
implementation of ERP.
(iv) Re-engineering the Business Process to achieve the desired results in the existing processes.
(v) Evaluating the various available ERP packages to assess suitability.
(vi) Finalizing of the most suitable ERP package for implementation.
(vii) Installing the required hardware and networks for the selected ERP package.
(viii) Finalizing the implementation consultants who will assist in implementation.
(ix) Implementing the ERP package.

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