What do you mean Expert System? Explain it with applications and its benefits.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Using an expert system involves an interactive computer-based session in which the solution to a problem is explored, with the expert system acting as a consultant to an end user. The expert system asks questions of the user, searches its knowledge base for facts and rules or other knowledge, explains its reasoning process when asked, and gives expert advice to the user in the subject area being explored.
Expert systems are being used for many different types of applications, and the variety of applications is expected to continue to increase. It should be realized, however, that expert systems typically accomplish one or more generic uses. Expert systems are being used in many different fields, including medicine, engineering, the physical sciences, and business. Expert systems now help diagnose illnesses, search for minerals, analyze compounds, recommend repairs, and do financial planning. So from a strategic businesses and point, expert systems can be and are being used to improve every step of the product cycle of a business, from finding customers to shipping products to providing customer service.

Benefits of Expert Systems
An expert system captures the expertise of an expert or group of experts in a computer-based information system. Thus, it can outperform a single human expert in many problem situations. That’s because an expert system is faster and more consistent, can have the knowledge of several experts, and does not get tired or distracted overwork or stress. Expert systems also help preserve and reproduce the knowledge of experts. They allow a company to preserve the expertise of an expert before she leaves the organization. This expertise can then be shared reproducing the software and knowledge base of the expert system.

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