What do you mean Information and Communication Technology? Discuss about the bright and dark side of Information Communication Technology to the modern business organization.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Answer No 15:
The combination of hardware, software and communication devices so that the raw data can be processed to give the relevant information and can be transmitted to the target places is called as the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Thus the Information and Communication Technology involves the use of computer devices, various types of software programs and communication system to facilitate the quick processing of data and its transmission to the destination at the right time.
Nowadays modern businesses are highly reliant on ICT to enhance the business. The bright side of use of ICT can be summarized as:

• Use of ICT in the banking system to facilitate the data storage, online transaction and operate automatic teller machine

• Use of email and chat application system for the quick and effective communication among the staffs, business houses and for the quick delivery of the information

• Use of application software for the specific task e.g. Banking system, college examination, airlines ticketing, departmental stores management, inventory management etc

• Software helps to reduce the cost of operation, manpower and time and processing which ultimately increase the business efficiency.

• The computer networking system helps to quicken delivery of huge amount data and information from any part of the world to another part in no time.

• Voice over Internet Protocol allows to use same channel simultaneously for transmission of data as well as voice.

• ICT creates large number of new job opportunities as well.

As every coin has two sides ICT also have some dark side. Some unwanted effect that arises because of use of ICT can be summarized as:

• Virus and worms are developed which intrude on other‘s network to destroy the software
application and network performance

• People are using the chat application and social networking websites during the office hours which reduces the employees performance and efficiency

• Hackers are developing various application to steal the confidential information of bank account holders, credit card holders and creating the fake documents

• Ironically it brought the problem of unemployment to the old people who could not get computer education

• Needs technically strong manpower and need extra investment to deploy the system

• Some unethical employee can steal the organization’s confidential information

• Harassing people stealing their passwords and user accounts
These are some unwanted things which pertain with the use of ICT in business. However the ICT engineers and managers are working to reduce these unethical practices various means.

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