What do you think motivates a person to work well?

i. Most people are motivated money to the extent that they come to work to fulfil economic needs. It is very debatable whether people are motivated to work harder the lure of money. Even when money is seen as a real incentive, the evidence seems to be that it is not a lasting form of motivation.
ii. Most people are also motivated the social contacts made at work. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the formation of social relationships and the need to belong to groups, is a very important motivator. The building of supportive work teams can therefore be a powerful motivator to people.
iii. A person’s standing or reputation at work are important motivators, whether he receives them from his peers or from the organization. Opportunities to achieve and to receive recognition for that achievement are also significant factors in the work needs of most people. On balance, the evidence seems to suggest that motives associated with the job itself are the most likely to encourage people at work. Nothing succeeds like success !

Principles and Practice of Management notes and Revision

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