What do you understand by Disaster Recovery Plan?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Some Disasters can not be prevented or avoided. The survival of the organization affected by disaster depends on how it reacts to a disaster. With careful planning, the full impact of a disaster can be absorbed and the organization can still recover. The term ―Disaster Recovery‖ describes the contingency measures that organization adopts at key computing sites to recover from or to prevent any bad event or disaster disrupting the availability of the system. The primary objective of the Disaster Recovery Plan is to assure the management that normalcy would be restored in a set time after any disaster occurs, thereby minimizing losses to the organization. The Disaster Recovery Plan must take into account the physical location of the computer peripherals as it can increase or decrease the probability of disruption in a disaster. Protection against flood, fire, earthquakes or water logging etc. must be considered besides backups, alternate location, etc.

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