What does an organization‘s approach to system conversion depend on?

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

Factors affecting an organization‟s approach to systems conversion:
1. The nature of the system
When the new system is small and simple then direct changeover approach is favoured.
2. Differences between the old and the new system
When the old and new systems are substantially different then direct changeover approach is favoured. When the old and new systems have similar aspects then phased or parallel changeover could be used.
3. The size of the organization‟s labour force
When there is no extra staff to oversee or undertake parallel running of both systems then direct changeover is favoured.
4. Level of management‟s confidence in the new system.
When the management has complete confidence that the new system will work, then direct changeover is used.
5. Organization size
When the size of the organization is large, it could carry out pilot changeover in combination with direct, parallel or phased changeover.

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