What factors should guide a systems designer when designing the user interface for a particular application?

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Factors that guide a systems designer when designing the user interface for a particular application..
User interface refers to the interaction between users and the system. The primary purpose of user interface is to enable communication to and fro between the user and the computer.

The most important feature of computer user interface is that it should be user friendly and as the name suggest user friendly interface is one that end user finds helpful, easy to learn and easy to use. In this case then, the system designer should consider the following actors in designing user interface.

i) It should be relatively easy for the user to start using the application.
ii) As far as possible, the application should be self-contained so that the user is not forced into accessing manuals or dealing with things that should be kept outside the system.
iii) The amount of effort and information required of the user to get the system to complete required tasks should be kept to a minimum.
iv) The user should be insulated from unexpected or spurious system actions. This includes protection against being the cause of a system failure and implies that the system should also be robust and reliable.
v) The system should be able to feel in control of what is going on in the application.
vi) The system should behave in a logical and consistent manger thus enabling users to reason about what is going on and apply what has been learned.
vii) The application should make it easier to access secondary documents.

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