What is a CASE? Mention various types of CASE tools. Why CASE tools are used in software development?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

CASE is a software tool that helps software designers and developers specify, generate and maintain some or all of the software components of an application. Many popular CASE tools provide functions to allow developers to draw database schemas and to generate the corresponding code in a data description language (DDL). Other CASE tools support the analysis and design phases of software development, for example by allowing the software developer to draw different types of UML diagrams. The objective of CASE tool is to help system analyst and designer in developing good quality systems within the specified time and budget constraints.

The various types of CASE tools are:
• Analytical tools
• Diagrammatic tools
• Display and report generator tools
• Code generator tools
• Documentation generator tools
• Testing and debugging tools

Automated CASE tools are used
• To improve productivity
• To improve quality through checks for completeness, consistency and contradictions
• Better and more consistent documentation

• Reduce lifetime maintenance

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