What is a system manual? What information is included in it?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The basic output of the system design is a description of the task to be performed, complete with layouts and flowcharts. This is called the job specifications manual or system manual.
It contains:
i) General description of the existing system.

ii) Flow of the existing system.
iii) Outputs of the existing system – the documents produced by existing system are listed and briefly described, including distribution of copies.
iv) General description of the new system – its purposes and functions and major differences from the existing system are stated together with a brief justification for the change.
v) Flow of the new system – this shows the flow of the system from and to the computer operation and the flow within the computer department.
vi) Output layouts.
vii) Output distribution – the distribution of the new output document is indicated and the number of copies, routing and purpose in each department shown. The output distribution is summarized to show what each department will receive as a part of the proposed system.
viii) Input layouts – the inputs to the new system are described and complete layouts of the input documents and input disks or tapes provided.
ix) Input responsibility – the source of each input document is indicated as also the user department responsible for each item on the input documents.
x) Marco-logic – the overall logic of the internal flows will be briefly described by the systems analyst, wherever useful.
xi) Files to be maintained – the specifications will contain a listing of the tape, disk or other permanent record files to be maintained, and the item of information to be included in each file. There must be complete layouts for intermediate or work file; these may be prepared later by the programmer.
xii) List of programs – a list of the programs to be written shall be a part of the systems specifications.
xiii) Timing estimates – a summary of approximate computer timing is provided by the systems analyst.
xiv) Controls – this shall include type of controls, and the method in which it will be operated.
xv) Audit trial – a separate section of the systems specifications shows the audit trial for all financial information. It indicates the methods with which errors and defalcation will be prevented or eliminated.
xvi) Glossary of terms used.

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