What is an Executive Information System (EIS)? Distinguish EIS with traditional information system.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Executive Support System is also called as a decision support system designed to meet the special needs of top level managers. This tool is capable of dealing with needs of strategic planning, tactical planning as well as fighting decisions. This type of information system consist summary report from all other department.
Its advantages over traditional information systems
• EIS are specifically developed and maintained for senior managers needs.
• EIS are able to access data about specific issues and problems as well as aggregate reports.
• EIS has the ability of exception reporting, trend analysis, etc.
• EIS can access broad range of data both internal and external.
• EIS are generally easy to use.
• EIS are used executives without assistance
• Information is presented in lucid manner.
• Information is presented in summary format.
• EIS has the ability to manipulate data.

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